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Coastal Holidays in Blue Anchor Bay

Blue Anchor is a lovely place to see, with a long sandy beach and in a very quiet coastal location away from the stresses of modern life, you simply couldn’t find a more relaxing place to stay or visit.

Just stop and listen to the sound of peace and quiet, ok so you can’t actually hear peace and quiet but it has to be pure bliss, doesn’t it?

This is the ideal location if you’re looking for a relaxing break.

Blue Anchor is a must for sea anglers and walkers there is just so much to see and admire as you walk along, just superb, with breathtaking scenery.

The bay is surrounded by alabaster rocks and cliffs which is fantastic for those who love anything of great geological interest. Blue Anchor is the place where the West Somerset Railway stops.

There are many types of accommodation around the area so you really will be spoilt for choice.

Blue Anchor is a great choice for those looking for a truly relaxing holiday with peace and quiet guaranteed.


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